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Why I blog

WritingWhile I was working on setting up this blog I serendipitously came across this recent article by Andrew Sullivan through Eiriks forfatterblog. In it Andrew is reflecting in great detail on the development and properties that make blogs into such valued tools for writing on recent developments and how they fit into the human desire of building communities. Despite the article being angled towards professional writing I found the underlying themes highly relevant to what I am trying to do here, which Sullivan excellently phrased as 'writing out loud'!

And what is it that I am trying to do here then? Well first of all I have been wanting a place to express myself about current events and other relevant issues in the business and technology fields. Hopefully this site will fill that need and in the future provide a place for open exchanges on these topics among others with aligning interests. Secondly I hope that having this place to share my knowledge and expertise will be a good way of honing my skills through direct feedback and discussion. Also I hope that maintaining this site in addition to my participation elsewhere on the social web will over time help me to establish my personal brand as a recognized part of the global, or at least the Norwegian, IT-community. Is this realistic? Well, others have done it before. I just need to find my niche I guess..

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