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I've upgraded to MT 3.x and comments are now available and working for all entries!

Finally this page has a design suitable for my current life in snowy Norway.
The logo-image is taken at 'the outlook' in Trondheim, with a view over the entire city centre and has not been photoshopped at all. I actually created this design exactly one year ago in March 2005, but haven't had the time to tinker it into place until now since I wanted the australia-posts to still use the old design, something that was quite hard in MovableType and required some PHP-hacks.

To the left in the logo you can see the famous medival city church, Nidarosdomen, and further right the needle-tower of Tyholttårnet pierces the sky. On the far right just where the text ends you can just see the old main building of the Norwegian University of Technology and Science where I am currently studying.

Check out the heated comment-discussion on my travel-entry from Rome, where a bunch of Italians are throwing hissy-fits over my comments that Italy is a country where you shouldn't be in a hurry since public transportation are often late. They consider such comments to be very rude and, it apperas, personally insulting, since Italy and Italians are the best in the world. (Stupid me, how could I forget!)

I have now created and published an all new website for the domain. I thought this blog was a bit to personal to be the first thing potential employers found on my site, so I've made one with a lot more professional information about myself. This blog will still be updated at, and the entries from my year abroad will still be found at

I will also finish a new design for my blog shortly, so expect it to be published just after easter! I'm going home tomorrow to spend a week at our cabin with my family, where we'll go cross-country-skiing and just relax. No internet, no computers, no cable-tv or fancy stereosystems. Just us and mother nature, and the basic necessities to avoid beeing uncomfortable.
But tonight it is Alexanders birthday, so there'll be lots of fun and party! Hopefully I'll be able get up tomorrow morning so I don't miss my flight. :-)

Once again hackers found their way into my server, but this time I had a warning system in place so I was notified immediatly. However despite knowing they were there I was not able to root them out and purge them from the system, nor was I able to find out who it was, so I decided to take the system down until I had more time to figure it out, which is the reason for my webpages unavailablity this weekend. This time I'm using an even more paranoid approach to protect myself so now the server is hopefully safe for a while...

After a power failure on NTNU my computer didn't reboot properly, and it took some time to have someone physically check on it and have it rebooted, but now it is finally up and running again. Also I'm working on installing a brand new server to replace the aging Elentirmo that I will hopefully find some other good use for.

After the successful celebration of Constitution Day the 17th of May I started looking around for online galleries with pictures from the event here in Brisbane. During the search I came across several both old and new homepages for people currently studying here, so I decided to add them to my list of links of people Down Under. At the same time I decided to write a short review of each page which you find when you press "Read More"! Be advised that most of the pages are in Norwegian.

For somewhat obvious reasons I have only included pages belonging to people that have been studying in Brisbane during this semester. Some (like me) are going home in a month, but most of the people will still keep on surfing for a while :-)

After a long wait I have finally made a movie portraying my new home. Read More or go here to download your preferred version of my australian paradise!

The topic is a play on the fact that out of the 514 apartments here at Cathedral Place, more than a hundred is occupied by Norwegians! This makes us a highly visible group around the pool and beach, giving some enough reason to dub the complex "Little Norway". And why shouldn't they? The chinese have their Chinatown just a block away... :-)

If you take a look on the right-hand menu, you will see a new box named "Right Now". I've just written two PHP scripts that fetch current weather data and exchange rates from WeatherUnderground and the Norwegian National Bank and displays it on my site.

It will be nice to have all this info in a single place, and I hope you like it too. In time I will probably add some more live-updated features there as well. For an even cooler setup with graphs and more details, check out Nils Dahls homepage!

Now I've installed MT-Blacklist and upgraded my Movable Type installation, so hopefully there will be no more commentspam on my site for a while. I was getting a bit annoyed from having to delete a couple of spam-comments every day, but now all is peace and quiet again! Ahh...