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Getting settled

After enjoying the past two weeks in Brussels it was time for me to go back to Norway and start my own new life there. The morning flight brought me 'home' and after shopping and making a microwave-dinner it was time to start scrubbing down my new apartment, during which I even managed to squirt Jif into my eye, which hurt like hell. Just like Carina's apartment this one was quite dirty, especially in hard to reach places, so I kept cleaning and unpacking most of weekend, only pausing to go downtown and get a BIT-baguette for dinner and a bus-pass for getting to Computas for my first day at work on Monday.

Then of course the morning started out horribly. My car wouldn't start, so I just had to leave it illegally parked as I had to leave for work, and as expected I had been ticketed when I returned. That sucked, but at least the rest of my day went over great. At work it was a bit slow with me mostly doing administrative-paperwork and stuff like getting access cards and equipment, meeting everybody and getting to know the place. It was still pretty exiting tho, and it even turned out that I knew several of my new colleagues from my studies in both Brisbane and Trondheim, so I felt really welcome right from the start. Without much to do yet I went home early and headed downtown to HvitevareHuset where I ordered myself a used but really nice ceramic top stove, and then up to Grorud to buy a used fridge before heading home to set things up and keep unpacking. That stuff really takes a lot of time!

After work on Tuesday which was just more of the same there was no packing to be done however, as the company was throwing a get-together for all the new employees so that we all could get to know each other and some of the management. We were served Tapas and beers and had a great time at various bars until quite late, and it was all on the company. Awesome :-)
The rest of the week I simply spent getting settled, both at home and at work, and I got both my stove and a newly bought washer/dryer in place, so that on Saturday I invited Marthe, an old friend of mine, over for the first real dinner in my new home. On Sunday I could finally relax so I spent the day at the Norwegian Space Center, who were having open days this weekend and happens to be located just down the road, before initiating the oven to its first frozen pizzas along with Arne Cato.

During the next week work started to get more interesting with me getting to work on an internal intranet-related project, and as a result I didn't really do much at nights except joining the company floorball-exercise on Tuesday. There I even managed to sprain my knee, but that gave me a good opportunity to try out the massage therapist who visits at work every Wednesday, and she did a really awesome job so my knee healed right up.
On Thursday however, I did get the biggest surprise of my life. I had planned my housewarming-party for Friday night, so to be able to be there with me Carina had traveled home without telling me right out of the blue, and just after I got home from work she was standing at my door looking cute :-D <3 I was at a loss for words, but it really made my entire weekend! The party was great fun too of course, with Marthe, Marco, Bjørnar, Jan-Helge and Alexander beeing able to come even at short notice.
Then with Carina there we went to see her sister for cinnamon-rolls on Saturday, and then all of us went for dinner at her mothers, and on Sunday we walked downtown and had a Vienna Chocolate at TGI Fridays and some snacks from Deli De Luca. The weekend passed all to quickly however, and already on Monday morning I had to see Carina off again and start on another week at work, during which I got my DSL-line installed by NextGenTel, but no modem delivered along with it so still no Internet other than through my 3G-phone.
Also I got assigned to my first external project and today I had my first day at work in the offices of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, for whom I'll be part of the team developing the web-solutions for their new case-management system. Exciting stuff :-)

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