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January 2010 Archives

Chocolate pralines by Sverre Sætre (Photo by Svein-Magnus Sørensen, CC BY)

Being a chocolate connoisseur means I've got a passion for everything chocolate, so I'm always eager to learn more and taste new things when the opportunity arises. I got particularly thrilled when I via his Facebook page found that the Norwegian Olympic world champion pastry chef Sverre Sætre was holding chocolate tastings in his shop at Briskeby in Oslo! I obviously had to attend to see him present his stuff at the first possible occasion, which luckily for me was happening this week, only a few weeks off from my discovery.

Churroz and hot honey-chocolate by Sverre Sætre (Photo by Svein-Magnus Sørensen, CC BY)

It was really interesting to get Sverre's take on a chocolate tasting as this is something I also do myself, but I was a bit disappointed in the selection of chocolates he presented as he limited himself to using Valrhona coverture. On the other hand getting a sample of both cocoa butter and 'fake-chocolate' was very enlightening, and I was even surprised at how tasteless pure cacao butter actually is. Furthermore we also got some samples of the pralines Sverre makes in his store, which needless to say was fantastic coming from such a distinguished chef, not to mention that we were served freshly made spanish churroz for dipping in an unbelievably amazing cup of hot honey-chocolate. It being one of my non-chocolate favorites the the tasting would almost have been worth it for the churroz and hot chocolate alone!

To summarize my experience I think that this tasting is mostly suited as a great introduction for those that are wholly new to the idea of fine chocolate, but getting to meet Sverre in person as well as the inclusion of his excellent pralines, the fresh churroz and incredible hot honey-chocolate should make it worthwhile for anyone to attend. It's a treat for your tastebuds!

For another detailed writeup of the tasting in Norwegian, see Serendipitycat's blog from the same event, also I've published some more photos from the tasting on Facebook.