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SjokoladesamlingInspired by my passion for fine dark chocolate I began spreading the love a couple of years ago by holding chocolate tastings for my friends and colleagues. The feedback I received was extremely positive, most participants really enjoyed my sessions and some even claim that their chocolate habits have been changed forever after attending my course. With such potential I sensed a fun and rewarding business opportunity that could bring the joy of fine chocolate to a lot more people, so last year I created the website to promote my concept, and slowly but surely the demand for my events began growing.

Recently I reached a threshold for keeping this activity as just a hobby, so I would either have to start declining requests or step it up and get properly organized. With the potential for building a business on something I love I naturally chose the latter, so I have now registered an official business through which my future events will be organized!
Since owning a business involves costs and overhead this also means that I can no longer just idly wait for clients to find me, so I am now looking for partners and promotion opportunities that will get more people aware of my courses. Hopefully this will allow me to grow my chocolate tastings as a side business and maybe make it a full time venture one day... well at least I can dream :-)

After reading this, would you perhaps be interested in having one of my chocolate tastings held at your company or for your friends, or do you have suggestions for partners or promotions? In that case get in touch at for bookings or to get or provide more information!

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NSA LogoIt has been three years since I first began working as a senior consultant and business analyst at Objectware. During this time many things have changed, including the name of the company, its strategy, my department, parts of the management and a good number of my coworkers, but despite this the contents of my job and the essence of the company has in many ways stayed the same throughout these changes. It probably would have continued that way for several more years, but this summer a former colleague suggested that I consider interviewing for a position with a company called NSA where he was currently working. It was not *the* NSA of course, but a small Norwegian consulting company named for the three-letter-acronym of Norwegian Software Architects.

The position in question was as a Technology Evangelist for a Software Solutions Team focusing on Java and Open Source. With my diverse consulting background including java-development, being an active open data promoter and also a speaker on a series of conferences, the position suited me perfectly. Naturally I took my colleague up on his suggestion, interviewed for the position and getting a very agreeable offer I ended up accepting the job. Now I have just completed my very first day of working in my new role as an NSA Technology Evangelist! Wish me luck going forward :-)
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Most of the work I do as a consultant is by its nature invisible to the general public. Some of this is because of security concerns, but mostly it is due to the work consisting of building or improving internal intranets, applications and collaborative systems, writing reports on various topics, holding courses in different technologies and aiding our salespeople with technical details in bids and meetings, all of where the results are rarely published externally. While these inputs are often important parts of the day to day operations in many organizations, they will rarely be appreciated by anyone beside those people directly involved.

However in the past year I've also been part of several projects that have resulted in public facing websites where my work will affect how thousands of people go about their day, and can be accessed by anyone in the world. The most ambitions and innovative of these has been the new site for the merged University Colleges of Oslo and Akershus, which was just launched a few days ago. I've also held a key role in planning the redesign and restructuring of the Norwegian Business School (BI) website, as well as managing the implementation of the Moonwalk RED campaign website for the Norwegian Red Cross. All of these have naturally been built as team efforts where my work have only played its part along with that of the designers, the developers and the clients themselves, but none of the sites would have appeared as they are without all the contributions coming together as one.

As of this summer my employer is no longer named Objectware. The name has been changed as part of an ongoing restructuring process of the Itera Consulting Group and its subsidiaries, so Objectware along with its sister companies are getting re-branded and more tightly integrated with each other. A result of this is that my employer is now called Itera Consulting and has got a new look, new core values and a lot of fresh faces in the door. Going forward we will be working a lot closer with the other Itera subsidiaries on many projects, especially with the design bureau Itera Gazette and the operations provider Itera Networks, as well as with our near-shoring departments in Ukraine. Among the other changes is an increased focus on the professional development of employees, as well as a more active social scene in the company. So far the changes appear to be very good, and I'm looking forward to more improvements happening over the next year! And yes we are still hiring :-)

Much time in my new job at Objectware have this far included the preparation of project proposals for competitive bidding contracts as published by various public entities in Norway.
Notably my work have included developing and creating proof-of-concepts for the solutions that have been requested, in addition to actually writing the proposals and presenting them at negotiations. Some of the concepts in these proposals have been based on state of the art collaborative systems such as the enterprise wiki Confluence and the Liferay portal, and based on my work with these systems we have recently secured several contracts with exiting customers such as Friprog-senteret and Oslo Kommune.

While the public sector is often seen as lagging behind in adopting new technologies and methodologies, this shows that at least some of them do leave the comfort zone and join our brave new world of agile project management and open collaboration!

After spending the past two years as a webdeveloper on a project for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority, I was beginning to look for new challenges. The prospects at Computas did not look good, but serendiptiously I came across a position elsewhere that appeared to suit me perfectly. I applied, was accepted, and upon the eve of this new year I began working as a Business Analyst for the consulting company Objectware.

The company is part of the larger Itera Consulting Group and I'll be working with the Department for Digital Business Development. The position promises to provide me with varied work and lots of opportunities for taking personal initiative, and it has started out great. Already on the first day we were tasked with the writing of urgent project proposals for customers!

Two years ago the majority share of the company I work for was bought by its employees to secure the company from a hostile takeover and to ensure future stability in both business management and their own work environment.

Recently I have been part of an advisory-board tasked with identifying how this employee-ownership should be handled and used in the future for the best of the company and the owners. One result of this work has been that an offer to buy company-stock was extended to all current employees.

Having accepted the offer I am therefore no longer just an employee, but now also a shareholder of Computas AS.

After spending the last half a dozen years studying at universities and colleges around the world, an epoch has now ended as I have just started working professionally for the first time. It is a full-time position as a Knowledge engineer for the consulting company Computas at Lysaker in Oslo, Norway. I will be working on research and development projects for commercial and government customers in need of new systems for knowledge management.

For inquiries related to this position please contact me by email sms <at> computas <dot> no.

I have now been living in summer-land for almost three months, and in addition to the internships and classes that I have followed, we have also written and presented a business plan as a part of the course. Also we have been actively networking at conferences (like the SES), consulate receptions and at other events to make the most out of our stay. We have also gotten to know northern California by travelling around the Bay Area and beyond, including to several national parks and of course, Las Vegas. But now the time has come to once again return home to Norway and see some more of Europe while getting settled in my first permanent job.

As a part of the entrepreneurhip programme at Gründerskolen the students will be working as interns in various upstart-companies all around Silicon Valley. I've been hired by the company SearchForce in San Mateo along with four other students, and I will be working as an Integration Engineer during the 3 months of the course.
SearchForce provides web-based tools to effectively manage large-scale, paid search marketing campaigns across multiple pay-per-click (PPC) search engines like Google Ad-Words, Yahoo Overture and Microsoft AdCenter.