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Usability at Yggdrasil

Last evening I returned from Lillehammer where I have attended the Yggdrasil conference on user interface design. Most of what I followed was focused on Web 2.0, like how to design an online shop and make good search-filters. There were also talks on the Second Brain and Symphonical beta-stage sites, and I followed a really good workshop on how to communicate successfully through design, held by visiting Yahoo! interface guru Luke Wroblewski. I have learned a lot and I'm absolutely going to attend next year too if I can!

Also my return coincided with the second annual Oslo Innovation Week, last night represented by First Tuesday and tomorrow with 'Entrepreneurs Day' at Oslo Innovation Center. All this and JavaZone have kept me quite busy this fall, especially as I in addition to the things mentioned also have been to multiple talks with GSA, DnD and IBM, as well as networking events with Tekna, Mediabar and among others.