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So far working at Telenor has been quite interesting with its big government/corporate profile, and I have also gotten multiple opportunities to do follow interesting study programmes in addition to the regular set of conferences I like to attend. One of those has been a course to become a Telenor Information Systems Architect, which consisted of a multi-day introduction course on enterprise architecture in general and how this is handled in regards to informations systems in Telenor, meaning it is highly relevant to my job description.

Slightly on the side of my responsibilities but still recommended for anyone involved in project work at Telenor however was the option to study for a Diploma in Project Management as part of an combined e-Learning and classrom course offered by SKEMA Business School and customized for Telenor by Metier. I was lucky enough to get approval to attend the courses, so this spring I've been studying part time to complete the 3 modules and exam required to be awarded the diploma from SKEMA. While the programme didn't require a very high workload parts of it was actually quite interesting, and especially the last module on group dynamics was very worthwhile. This also means I'm now a certified project manager with a full grasp of current organizational theory buzzwords! :-)

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