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After nearly 4 months of studying the intricacies of the Java programming language together with a study-group of other engineers from my company, I am now ready to take the final exam after which I can title myself a Sun Certified Java Programmer. This certification demonstrates a high level proficiency in the fundamentals of the Java programming language, and it is also a prerequisite for all the higher levels of Sun certifications.

...and I aced it!
After waiting months for the bureaucracy at both Cornell University and the University of Oslo to do their thing, I finally received my grade for the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship yesterday. In short I passed in style by getting the top grade "A" on the entire course, including the parts in Trondheim last spring!
I might also mention that I got the second highest grade on my Masters thesis on Multimedia Distribution Networks at NTNU.

I have now been living in summer-land for almost three months, and in addition to the internships and classes that I have followed, we have also written and presented a business plan as a part of the course. Also we have been actively networking at conferences (like the SES), consulate receptions and at other events to make the most out of our stay. We have also gotten to know northern California by travelling around the Bay Area and beyond, including to several national parks and of course, Las Vegas. But now the time has come to once again return home to Norway and see some more of Europe while getting settled in my first permanent job.

I'm living the dream!
Since I first visited San Francisco in 1995 I had a desire to study here, and now through my participation at Gründerskolen the dream of Silicon Valley has become reality! I'm here for 3 months this summer and will be working at the upstart company SearchForce in San Mateo. In addition I will be following the High-tech start-ups class by John Nesheim at The Enterprise Network in Santa Clara, which is a course provided by ivy-league Cornell University.

I have now finally completed and handed in my master's thesis called "Multimedia Distribution Networks and the Aeetes Project". This means that I now officially hold a Master of Science degree in Communications Technology from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science. The thesis can be found here and it is the prelimiary work that marks the start of the Aeetes Project.

As a part of the entrepreneurhip programme at Gründerskolen the students will be working as interns in various upstart-companies all around Silicon Valley. I've been hired by the company SearchForce in San Mateo along with four other students, and I will be working as an Integration Engineer during the 3 months of the course.
SearchForce provides web-based tools to effectively manage large-scale, paid search marketing campaigns across multiple pay-per-click (PPC) search engines like Google Ad-Words, Yahoo Overture and Microsoft AdCenter.

The work on my final thesis is well underway. I'm writing about Multimedia Distribution Networks, a new branch of research both at NTNU and worldwide.
A multimedia distribution network is a way to distribute the storage and deployment of multimedia closer to end-users to save both bandwidth and storage space, as well as to provide a clearinghouse and a single-point-of-purchase for multimedia content. Current examples include Google Video and the Open Media Network.
My thesis will study these and propose a new architechure that might eventually become the foundation for a wide range of work in this field by future students at NTNU.

I've been invited to and have accepted to study with Gründerskolen in San Francisco for the summer semester of 2006, meaning that this summer I'll be spending 3 months with lectures from Cornell University and working at upstart companies in Silicon Valley along with 24 other students from Norway, learning about problems faced by upstart companies and helping out in resolving them while getting a feel of the entrepreneurial spirit in the most innovative region in the world!
Do you recognize the importance of the skills that we will learn here and would like to sponsor our stay or get in touch with our entire group? Please contact me!

Last friday I finally handed in the 80 page project report I've been working on as part of my specialization course this semester, and today I did the oral presentation of my findings. More information and the full report is available at my projects-page.
As I completed everything else a couple of weeks ago this means that the semester is now officially over and it is christmas! Also there are now just the masters thesis left to complete next semester before I get my Masters degree! Wohoo!

Since I have now entered my final year of study my workload consists primarily of large projects and some classes related to these. Next semester I will be working on my Masters Thesis, but until then I will be busy with a Specialization Project for the Department of Telematics at NTNU and Telenor Research.
The project is part of the ongoing work at PATS, and my specific project is concerned with Mobile Absentee Marking and Group-scheduling.
The report will be published in full sometime around Christmas.