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Speaking about open data

This week two big events were held back to back in Oslo, namely the Sun CommunityOne North and GoOpen 2009 conferences, both with more than 600 participants. For the first time I was also among the speakers at the latter where I gave a talk on open data on the public sector track.

I got the idea for my talk during a chat with Ron Tolido at last years GoOpen which I thought was too focused at open source software as opposed to standards and data. Then with Objectware highly encouraging its employees to give conference talks, I was inspired to request and receive a spot for a talk about open data at this years conference.

Being swamped with work recently I was unfortunately not able to attend the rest of the conferences in their entirety, but I did catch some highlights including the talks by the Norwegian ministers of knowledge and reforms, Simon Phipps from Sun and Cap Gemini's Andy Mulholland, as well as a few other happenings. Despite me missing much and it being held in worse premises than last year, I feel that this second GoOpen was greatly improved and I am already looking forward to being back next year, perhaps with another talk!