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To complement this compendium with a more active reference to my fields of interest and expertise, I hereby have the pleasure to announce the opening of a professional blog to go along with this site as an open forum.

There I will be writing in detail about various topics relating to my work and technical interests, so go check it out to read for a bit, make sure you subscribe to my feed, and please leave a comment while you're at it!

The new blog can be found at

Have you ever visited a page and wanted to ask a quick question or comment, but not enough to bother with an email?
I now give you web-based Instant Messaging directly to me! This will at least give the visitors to this site a chance to do that quick shout about whatever, so try it out :-)

In addition to this I have improved the main page and restructured the menu system somewhat to make this site easier to use. I have also rolled out several other fixes and new features, including fun facts about myself, an about-page and a suggestion mailer.

The last couple of weeks I have been improving and adding content and reorganized the menu-structure on this site as I noticed it was lacking in several aspects. Most of the changes have been made in the Education and Experience-categories, but some other new content have also been added.

In addition the language overview have been color-coded, various facts updated and a few visual inconsistencies corrected. Oh and you might notice some Ads by Google as well!

Sometime last fall a strange error occurred when posting to the guestbook. Now I have upgraded to MT 3.3 and with that posting is working again. Along with this fix I have added a range of new information about my experience, and also the guestbook have been changed to show recommendations instead, so feel free to post if you have anything good to say about me!

After asking around what my site was missing I have now taken up some of the suggestions and added an experience section and some information on my interests and hobbies. They can be found on the left-hand menu :-)

If you take a look in the left-hand menu you will find there is a new page called Qualifications where I have detailed a knowledge-centric summary of my education, traning and experience. Also I have updated the Educational Projects page with the work I have done this semester.

It took a bit longer than I had expected, as the workload in writing about all my courses and projects was quite large, but now everything is finally done and my new website is released upon the world!
Enjoy! :-)
(or don't, see if I care...)

If you know me through work on a project or an assignment or if you for any other reason think highly of me, then you are welcome to post any compliments, praise or commendations here. All forms of of acclaim will be highly appreciated!

For other questions and comments please send me a private message instead of posting here.

Welcome to my brand new webpage!
This one won't be personal like my other sites, but will focus more on me as an professional employee and freelancer with information for headhunters and employers.

Check back for more details as we go!