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Seeing my work in public

Most of the work I do as a consultant is by its nature invisible to the general public. Some of this is because of security concerns, but mostly it is due to the work consisting of building or improving internal intranets, applications and collaborative systems, writing reports on various topics, holding courses in different technologies and aiding our salespeople with technical details in bids and meetings, all of where the results are rarely published externally. While these inputs are often important parts of the day to day operations in many organizations, they will rarely be appreciated by anyone beside those people directly involved.

However in the past year I've also been part of several projects that have resulted in public facing websites where my work will affect how thousands of people go about their day, and can be accessed by anyone in the world. The most ambitions and innovative of these has been the new site for the merged University Colleges of Oslo and Akershus, which was just launched a few days ago. I've also held a key role in planning the redesign and restructuring of the Norwegian Business School (BI) website, as well as managing the implementation of the Moonwalk RED campaign website for the Norwegian Red Cross. All of these have naturally been built as team efforts where my work have only played its part along with that of the designers, the developers and the clients themselves, but none of the sites would have appeared as they are without all the contributions coming together as one.

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