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After the bankruptcy of NSA a few months ago I started considering whether to stay with the buyout company Inmeta to accept a position with their consulting department or seek better pastures elsewhere. Since it in practice would be a matter of changing jobs either way, I decided that I'd rather switch to a job I had selected myself than one the fates selected for me. One might wonder if the fates would let themselves be tricked however, because it turned out that the perfect position was just around the corner and I ended up being offered a position as Domain Architect for Web-portals with Telenor, the incumbent national telecom operator in Norway, where I'll be an employee effective tomorrow!

Interestingly this isn't my first time being in the sphere of influence of Telenor. In fact my first "job" ever was a 1 week work-practice in middle-school which I spent at Telehuset, a Telenor-owned chain of telecom-stores. Later my university studies ended up being in the field of communications technology so a connection to the largest operator would be natural, and as it turned out I got a specialization project that was sponsored by Telenor Research & Development, but ended up on a different path after my thesis was complete. In a way it is therefore fitting that my exit from consulting would be to none other than Telenor Norway, where I'm now eager to get a better look behind the scenes...

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