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Participating at Smidig 2009

One of the things keeping me busy this fall have been the various conferences where I have gotten talks accepted. This week I attended Smidig 2009, a Norwegian conference about the use of agile methodologies in systems development.

The conference is organized with a series of engaging lightening talks on various topics in the hours leading up to lunch-break, and then a wide open slate for open space discussion groups to be determined by the participants taking up the rest of the day. It is notable that many of the participants at Smidig are also speakers, ensuring a high level of professional knowledge among the participants on the open spaces which makes the networking and discussion parts of this conference very interesting for everyone.

I attended as one of the speakers, and my talk was about how to get more value from your existing installation of Atlassian Confluence, an enterprise wiki-solution that is widely deployed among businesses in Norway. After getting good feedback on my talk I put up a successful open space discussion on advanced Confluence-usage afterwards, as well as yet another open space on a different topic the next day. All in all a very rewarding conference!

For Norwegian-speakers my talk at Smidig can be seen on video over at TCS.