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Oslo Open Data Meetup

As a result of the talks I have been giving on open data I was recently contacted by the Open Knowledge Foundation to talk about current developments around open data in Norway. They came to me because it turned out that I was the only source talking about Norwegian open data in English that they could find, and when prompted it turned out I didn't know very many people in this field myself either. This got me thinking that Norwegian open data activists really needed a meeting place to get together to share and aid with each others work. After discussing this idea with some other open data enthusiasts, I decided to do something about this myself, and thus the Oslo Open Data Meetup was born!

I scheduled the first of these meet-ups to take place this Wednesday and we ended up having a great informal gathering of about a dozen people from both the technology, media and government sectors. It was really amazing see the lively exchange of information that began taking place by simply putting such diverse people together, and especially how much of what each of us had to say that was news to the rest of the group. Thanks to the media presence you can even read an overview of some of the topics that were up for discussion at this NONA blog-entry (in Norwegian).

For more voices on open data in Norway you can visit the Origo-group for public infrastructure and search, read the Vox Publica section on public data, or follow the #altut hashtag on Twitter.