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Open data at JavaZone

Summer has passed and with the onset of fall so has the annual JavaZone conference for software developers.
This year I attended as a speaker and gave an extended version of my talk on the opportunities of open data. The talk was in Norwegian and can be viewed online along with the rest of this years JavaZone-talks at TCS. Standing by my topic the slides are naturally licensed as creative commons and available separately from my slideshare page. I would appreciate any feedback you'd like to give!

Regarding the conference itself it was very nice with the extra track of lightening talks in addition to the many excellent regular ones, and they were still covering the usual wide range of topics from the purely technical to team management and long-term strategic shifts. It is getting very noticeable that Java is now a mature technology, so there aren't many mind blowing innovations being presented among the talks any more, but I guess that is generally a good thing. However the exhibition floor was as busy as ever with most of the Norwegian IT-industry among the 2000 participants, but there were noticeably lesser-value giveaways and less freebies than before, likely due to the financial crisis making its small impact in Norway too.

All in all it was a great conference, despite my disappointment that the overflow-sessions had been moved from the conference floor to a separate area.
See you there next year!