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This week the volunteer run Communities in Action unconference was held in association with the GoOpen conference, allowing the open communities to intermingle with paying conference attendees and getting the best of both worlds. This year there was a separate track for Open Data during the GoOpen sessions it was fitting that there be someone at Communities in Actions to take up the slack during the after hours sessions. To achieve this on short notice the Oslo Open Data Forum that I organize joined forces with Oslo Semantic Web Meetup to host one of the community tracks to introduce new faces to both groups and show the differences between them. The SemWeb-organizer Pia Jøsendal and I held the opening talk of our track on the difference between semantic web and open data, before we had a series of notable open data speaker from Norway present some of their recent work. The event was a great success with our largest number of attendants thus far, filling our assigned room to overflowing.

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