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Objectware rebranded

As of this summer my employer is no longer named Objectware. The name has been changed as part of an ongoing restructuring process of the Itera Consulting Group and its subsidiaries, so Objectware along with its sister companies are getting re-branded and more tightly integrated with each other. A result of this is that my employer is now called Itera Consulting and has got a new look, new core values and a lot of fresh faces in the door. Going forward we will be working a lot closer with the other Itera subsidiaries on many projects, especially with the design bureau Itera Gazette and the operations provider Itera Networks, as well as with our near-shoring departments in Ukraine. Among the other changes is an increased focus on the professional development of employees, as well as a more active social scene in the company. So far the changes appear to be very good, and I'm looking forward to more improvements happening over the next year! And yes we are still hiring :-)

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