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Moving up to Evangelism

NSA LogoIt has been three years since I first began working as a senior consultant and business analyst at Objectware. During this time many things have changed, including the name of the company, its strategy, my department, parts of the management and a good number of my coworkers, but despite this the contents of my job and the essence of the company has in many ways stayed the same throughout these changes. It probably would have continued that way for several more years, but this summer a former colleague suggested that I consider interviewing for a position with a company called NSA where he was currently working. It was not *the* NSA of course, but a small Norwegian consulting company named for the three-letter-acronym of Norwegian Software Architects.

The position in question was as a Technology Evangelist for a Software Solutions Team focusing on Java and Open Source. With my diverse consulting background including java-development, being an active open data promoter and also a speaker on a series of conferences, the position suited me perfectly. Naturally I took my colleague up on his suggestion, interviewed for the position and getting a very agreeable offer I ended up accepting the job. Now I have just completed my very first day of working in my new role as an NSA Technology Evangelist! Wish me luck going forward :-)
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