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JavaZone '08

Another year, another JavaZone, still the largest developer conference in Scandinavia with more than 2300 participants and almost a hundred sessions.

This year there was a lot of focus on SOA with RESTful web-services, grid-computing and parallelization and on agile software development with Scrum. Also there was a lot of buzz around using alternative programming languages on the Java-platform, as well as talk about going back to the roots of OO-programming.
While these were novel topics, much of the content still felt like old news, especially concerning weaknesses in Java. After all, we already solved most of these problems with the advent of Smalltalk 30 years ago!

Other items of note were the use of Prediction Markets, programming for social networks and database-less enterprise applications. Overall it was an interesting couple of days, but I feel like I learned less from the conference than last year. However the social buzz and community was better than ever, especially with the highly regarded ClubZone having open bars. And of course there is always the joy of meeting old friends and acquaintances again!