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When considering conferences, this year was just made highly notable by having XP2010, the 11th International Conference on Agile Software Development being hosted in Trondheim, Norway. It is a highly innovative conference providing a space for both the presentation of academic papers in combination with regular talks by people from the software industry. For me the conference presented a unique opportunity to broaden my horizons at a conference I normally wouldn't attend. In addition I also submitted and got accepted a lightening talk on the advantages of wiki usage based on my experiences with building wiki solutions in Atlassian Confluence at several of my consulting clients.

Attending the conference was very interesting with the academic factor and high level of international attendance giving it a different atmosphere to most Norwegian industry conferences. The talks were generally very good and highly inspiring in addition to the agenda allowing for excellent networking opportunities with the large amount of highly interesting people attending from around the world, being topped of by the conference banquet held at the student society building in Trondheim beginning with a Jazz-talk, followed by a tapas dinner with traditional Norwegian dishes and finally a black metal concert by Keep of Kalessin!

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