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Finding Roots in Bergen

Roots logo I've recently returned home after spending a few days in the rainy city of Bergen, my birthplace from where I still can be identified by my accent, despite us moving north when I was just a few years old. I was there to attend the Roots conference, a different technology conference where all kinds of IT-workers can meet and get professional and social inspiration from each other and the fascinating talks they had scheduled, one of which was by me on improving the user experience in existing solutions. The slides from my talk are as always available from Slideshare, and impressively the Roots organizers have already made all the talks available online, including mine!

Besides giving my talk the conference was a very interesting place to be and I heard and talked to a wide range of both the speakers and participants that provided me with new insights and food for thought. This was definitely a different kind of conference and one I can wholeheartedly recommend. The location in Bergen was also a positive thing, as it provided opportunities to go sightseeing and exploring in a city I rarely visit otherwise.

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