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Experiencing bankrupcy

Inmeta Crayon Logo While my position as a technology evangelist held much promise, the company which hired me unfortunately did not. For a variety of reasons I won't detail here, the management of the company formerly known as NSA chose to declare bankruptcy on October 8th. Needless to say the past few weeks has held some uncertainty and quite a bit of chaos, but nonetheless it has been a very interesting learning experience for me to be able to see how such matters play out from the inside.

Fortunately the current Norwegian job-market means that the bankruptcy of a consulting company doesn't carry a lot of risk for employees. Our jobs were kept and we were even getting paid on schedule as the bankruptcy was immediately followed by a buyout/takeover just two days later with personnel, clients and everything being transferred to a new company owned by the former competitor Inmeta Crayon. All the details of how this will play out going forward are naturally not quite settled yet, but for now everyone has their jobs to do and other than a change of office space nothing much has really changed.

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