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September 2007 Archives

Ever since high school people have been talking about how networking is the key to a successful career, but rarely about how to build such a network. Making friends everywhere you go is a start, but it might not get you there if you can't stay in touch, and when life moves you apart that can be hard, especially with acquaintances.

In May 2003 a solution came about with the founding of the online business network LinkedIn. Adding contacts here will allow both of you to follow each others professional life from afar. The real bonus however, is that you will both be able to leverage the other persons network as your own!

Since joining in October 2004, I have added 232 friends and coworkers as first-level connections in my profile. Through these and their contacts I am as of today linked to more than one million people! This is my key to the networking advantage, and it can give me a foot in the door of virtually every industry across the world. A career awaits... !

I'm just back to work after spending the last two days at JavaZone, the premier scandinavian conference for Java-developers, sporting over 100 lectures and having more than 2000 attendees. In addition to spending time by the vendor-booths I followed a bunch of lectures, mainly on java-related web-technologies like jMaki, Comet, JSF, Wicket, JavaFX, AJAX, Flex and other web-frameworks. Some lectures were good and some were bad, but overall I had a great time as I learned quite a bit, met up with both old friends and new acquaintances and got a lot of leads on new stuff that I'm going to look into.